Eric Prine Photography Gallery: Cotopaxi Landscapes

My favorite place we went in Ecuador was the park surrounding Cotopaxi, an active volcano. We were only able to go for one day, but Sarah and I totally want to go back and spend more time camping and climbing.  Even in the one day we spent there, we saw some incredible landscapes.  There was the peak of Cotopaxi itself which would occasionally peek out from behind huge clouds and all around were other jagged peaks with vast flatlands in between them.  It was a magical place.

Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

Curious about how we got Timmy... or how we made him so cute?  Want to know how we can possibly travel with three cats? Dying to find out what our travels have really been like?  Read all about it in the new issue of Tiny House Magazine!  

Our house, is a very, very, very fine (tiny) house

We inundated you with pictures of us in sweatpants and generally being gross while renovating Timmy.  Here's what we know you've been waiting of the (mostly) finished product!  Since we're living in it now it's the real deal, cats and all.  We'd love to hear your thoughts, suggestions & advice. As our friends Tom and Gretchen from Airstream Engineering know, we need lot's of advice! 


PS - I bought a dreamcatcher in New Mexico today, so that's taken care of.

Glacier National Park....Happy New Year!

Rather than spend NYE on the train, we decided to utilize all the stops on our rail passes and spend a few days exploring Glacier National Park.  Since we made the decision very last minute we lucked out and had one sold out Inn connect us to the Izaak Walton Inn, who had rooms available and a party going on! The Izaak Walton is located almost across the street from the Amtrak depot and they pick you up at the Essex, Montana flagstop.  Its a quarter mile stroll into Glacier National, and the other side of the road is the Flathead.   We spent NYE and the first of the year exploring the area, eating great food, making new friends and pretty much just relaxing.  Except for the last two miles of our accidental 6 mile snow shoe adventure, it was perfect!

Lewis(ton) & Clark(ston)

Like the great explorers, we ventured West and re-discovered new terrain (for us).  Eric is from the Lewiston, Idaho & Clarkston, WA valley and our mission was to celebrate Christmas with his family. Mission accomplished!  

The valley is on the border of Idaho and Washington, divided by the confluence of the Snake and Clearwater Rivers.  

Chicago to Clarkston, WA

We made it!  The first leg of our Amtrak trip was a success....

Roll with it...

Due to work and weather, we are changing our plans a bit.  The northwest leg of our trip will now be via rail!  From our snowed in Sandusky OH hotel room, last night we purchased 2 USA Rail Passes on Amtrak.  

Our new plans will take us from Chicago to Spokane, where we'll enjoy the holidays with family. Then we jump on a bus to Seattle and train down to Portland.  Our Northwest leg will be completed with a trip to Glacier National Park!   Let the snowshoe adventure begin.

A couple of days after returning from our railroad adventure we will hook up Timmy the Trailer and head out Californ-i-way.  Stay tuned for an updated map of our southern route and some photos from our recent adventures (work related and otherwise).



Gutting Little Timmy

The hardest and most time consuming part of Timmy's restoration by far has been the interior.  There was a bit more water damage than we at first thought.  We started by removing the areas of wall with water damage.  While the walls were down we rewired the inside with with 120v as well as a back up 12v system.  Then we put new walls up, repainted, tore out the floors, put down new wood (laminate) floors, refinished the table and countertop and recovered the bench seats.