Chicago to Clarkston, WA

We made it!  The first leg of our Amtrak trip was a success....

Roll with it...

Due to work and weather, we are changing our plans a bit.  The northwest leg of our trip will now be via rail!  From our snowed in Sandusky OH hotel room, last night we purchased 2 USA Rail Passes on Amtrak.  

Our new plans will take us from Chicago to Spokane, where we'll enjoy the holidays with family. Then we jump on a bus to Seattle and train down to Portland.  Our Northwest leg will be completed with a trip to Glacier National Park!   Let the snowshoe adventure begin.

A couple of days after returning from our railroad adventure we will hook up Timmy the Trailer and head out Californ-i-way.  Stay tuned for an updated map of our southern route and some photos from our recent adventures (work related and otherwise).