Back, Up & Running

It's been about seven months since the last post and, I'm not going to lie, it's been really hard. Losing our little house and being in a terrifying car accident was the first in a long string of momentous life events, good and bad.  It's a strange road and I'm not sure we ever really get there, but I'll keep you updated more frequently on the journey now.  

First of all, let me tell you about the details and information we learned following the accident.  The man who hit us had been taking a medication that made him drowsy.  He fell asleep on the road and swerved into Timmy (the name of the trailer, if you've forgotten), which caused us to jack-knife and spin all the way around on I-75, just outside of Marietta, GA.  Luckily, Timmy's hitch snapped off the car and while the trailer rolled over on the highway, we were able to straighten out and pull off to the shoulder. In the rear-view mirror I saw the car that hit us speed away, making me think he was fleeing the scene.  We learned later that he was asleep at the wheel.  All of us were incredibly lucky that we weren't more seriously injured, and that no other drivers were involved in the accident.  My first thought was "that's our house lying on it's side in the middle of the highway".  I knew it was destroyed, it looked like it had been picked up by a tornado and dropped from the sky.  There was glass and clothing strewn everywhere.  They had to close four lanes of the highway to get it on the tow truck and carry it to the wrecker lot, where it would live for the next several weeks while we figured out the insurance.

Now, for those of you with trailers, it is very confusing for someone without a trailer to realize it's value!  Our insurance covered a deductible, but not the entire thing.  Luckily we did not have to fight with the guy who hit us, he claimed responsibility and his insurance took care of the whole thing.  We had taken so many pictures that it was very easy to prove the amount of work and money that had gone into it.  The first offer they gave us for it's value was still way under though and we had to do some research.  We sent them a ton of links to comparable trailers for sale and links to this blog.  The second offer, while not an exorbitant amount of money, paid for the trailer and what we'd lost in it and we accepted.  They also paid us a nominal amount for 'pain and suffering', though I'm not sure how they quantify that.  The bumps and bruises went away but I have had terrible anxiety on the road since the accident.  This entire process took about five months and lots of phone calls, we became very well acquainted with our insurance agent.

Since right before the accident and immediately after, Eric and I have gotten married, been on a honeymoon, been to a funeral, and moved to Philadelphia.  We have a lot of travels to fill you in on!  I'll leave out the time right after the accident when we were stuck in Marietta and Savannah - that was mainly a lot of gross hard work and moping.  There have been a lot of changes that were put into action by the accident, most glaringly the change in our lifestyle it caused.  We hope to have another trailer in the family some day soon, but for now we're pretty stationary. We'll begin filling in the gaps of the last seven months and get all caught up, then it's onward and upward 'cause there's nowhere else to go.  

Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

Curious about how we got Timmy... or how we made him so cute?  Want to know how we can possibly travel with three cats? Dying to find out what our travels have really been like?  Read all about it in the new issue of Tiny House Magazine!  

Our house, is a very, very, very fine (tiny) house

We inundated you with pictures of us in sweatpants and generally being gross while renovating Timmy.  Here's what we know you've been waiting of the (mostly) finished product!  Since we're living in it now it's the real deal, cats and all.  We'd love to hear your thoughts, suggestions & advice. As our friends Tom and Gretchen from Airstream Engineering know, we need lot's of advice! 


PS - I bought a dreamcatcher in New Mexico today, so that's taken care of.