We spent our last weekend in Ecuador on a mini-getaway with my cousins.  We headed to Mindo, a cloud forest in the Andes.  We stayed at an amazing hotel made up of gypsy caravans. Our first day there we visited El Quetzal, a chocolate factory, and got a tour of how chocolate is made from the cacao bean and a treat of a delicious chocolate martini.  Unfortunately later that evening I had a very bad reaction to some food (ugh gluten sneaks into everything!) and spent the rest of the weekend wondering if I was going to have to be medi-vac'd out of the jungle.  We did get in a nighttime frog hunt before I got sick and I made half of a short hike later on, so it wasn't a total loss.  However, we're going to need an extended trip back to Mindo and the Amazon next time - the jungle is my favorite place to be!