Otavalo and Cotacachi

Otavalo hosts the most famous indigenous market in Ecuador.  The market takes place in a large square and you can find lots of local handicrafts, as well as more manufactured, items here.  Haggling is traditional but it is also important to support your local artisans.  We walked around for a bit and bought presents for family and some for ourselves.  Then we were off to another amazing lunch at Hasienda Pinsaqui!  The history of this place was interesting,  Simon Bolivar once spent the night with his mistress there - they still have the room but unfortunately it was occupied.  Lucky for us, my Tia knows the manager and he gave us a private little tour.  After that it was a bus ride to Cotacachi, a village known for its leather work.  We wandered around a bit and I wandered right into a leather jacket....funny how that happens.