Chicago -> NYC -> DC -> Chicago, Whew!

Once we made it home to Chicago we had a couple days to relax, unpack and get re-pack and head east!  We left Timmy in Chicago and flew to New York for so Eric could make it in time for a photo shoot and I could meet with some ad agencies.  It was still winter everywhere and we didn't want to risk getting stuck again.  After the shoot (which was great) we took a bus down to DC to meet my newest niece.  While in DC we got hit with another storm and our flight was canceled before the first snowflake fell.  This time we were OK with getting stuck - more time to hang with the kids!  Two days later than planned it was finally time to pack it up and head home again.  We've been back for a bit now, working in our home offices, taking meetings (and planning a wedding!) - I even spoke on a panel at Columbia College about alternative careers in photography. We're not here for long though. Eric has already been to Idaho and Houston for family & work, next week we head down to Ecuador for my Great Aunts 95th birthday and a family reunion.  We'll have 10 days there to catch up with family, explore and photograph portfolio work and personal projects - we can't wait to share the pictures and stories!

PS - one thing I mentioned during the panel talk about benefits of my job?  I just spent a month on the road with my fiance!  I could only do that because I organize my own time. It's hard work and a struggle (and a juggle) every day, but the benefits far outweigh the doubts/anxieties that creep in to my thoughts.