Heading West

We woke up on our second day of travels in sunny St. Louis, ready and anxious to hit the road.  We had a long day ahead of us but made it to our scheduled second night stop at Keystone State Park, OK.  We got in late and up early to catch up on time, so there wasn't much adventuring happening.  Also, it was still freezing.  We then headed to Lake Meredith, TX.  We were the only campers within miles there and the isolation can be a little creepy at night.  That was the only campground we haven't had electric so far and while our propane heater works, it doesn't work that well.  We decided that if we can help it we will always have electric from now on.  Our final stop on this leg was Santa Rosa State Park, NM.  Santa Rosa was nice and by this point we had figured out our schedule a little more so we could enjoy it during the daytime.  We had a little hike around the lake and made dinner a nice dinner in the trailer and even got some work done.